A man and a woman were arrested after they were found inside a vacant storage unit.

On Nov. 12, Tahlequah Police Officer Matthew Frits was called to Hill Top Storage after units were burglarized. Kelie Myers said she was doing a security check and found Lance Chitty lying in one of the units. When she told him she was calling the police, he left toward Dollar General. Officers found him in the store and took him back to the unit. Myers confirmed the man was Chitty. She said she had noticed units were being damaged over the past few days and locks were getting cut off. Frits found a piece of paper in the unit with the man’s name on it. He also found a wallet that belonged to Brandie Harrington in the same unit. Chitty was arrested for second-degree burglary and taken to the detention center. Later, Frits went back to the storage unit and found Harrington inside. She was arrested for second-degree burglary and taken to the detention center.

On Nov. 12, Officer Josh Girdner was called to Oak Park Motel on a report of an intoxicated man causing a disturbance. Witnesses said Dale McCoy was arguing with his girlfriend, trashed the motel room, and came out to the parking lot and began yelling at people. The officer could see the front window had been broken and told McCoy to step outside. Girdner saw that the desk, refrigerator, chair, and TV had all been turned on their sides, and clothing and trash were scattered all over the room. McCoy said he and his girlfriend had gotten into an argument. He was arrested for public intoxication and taken to city jail.

Trenton Grass was arrested after he caused a disturbance at a laundromat Nov. 15. Sgt. Bryan Qualls was called to Circle S Laundry, where he met with the man. The person who called police said Grass had begun yelling and acting aggressively toward him. The victim said he went outside to get in his car, and Grass followed him and continued to yell. Grass said he got upset and pushed a table against some washing machines. Qualls said while Grass was speaking, he exuded a strong odor of alcohol. He had the man perform a field sobriety test and arrested him for public intoxication.

Officer Girdner was dispatched to Clear Creek Store after a customer tried to pass off a fake $100 bill Nov. 13. The cashier said the man acted surprised that the bill was fake and said he couldn’t wait for police to show up. Later, he said received the bill from a man who had a pocket full of them.

Officer Matthew Frits responded to a call of an intoxicated woman near Chicken Express Nov. 14. He could see Rayden Begay stumbling as she walked and she smelled of alcohol. He asked her if she had been drinking and she said she had. She was arrested for public intoxication and taken to jail.

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