A customer reported finding drugs inside the Tahlequah McDonald's restaurant.

Tahlequah Police Officer Justin Leatherwood was called to McDonald's July 4 and met with the manager. They told him a customer had found a black pouch containing marijuana and methamphetamine.

A woman told officers she was assaulted at Arby's on July 6. She said the assault happened because she owed another woman a "bump" of methamphetamine.

Kane Mackall was arrested on July 6 after he was caught spinning his tires on Downing Street. Officer Chase Reed was parked and patrolling traffic when he saw Mackall driving recklessly. The suspect argued with Reed, saying he did not spin his tires. He was taken to city jail.

On July 6, Officer Leatherwood was patrolling near Habitat for Humanity where he saw a woman in a clothes pile after hours. Theresa Bailey appeared to be under the influence of drugs and told Leatherwood she had used methamphetamine a week ago. She was arrested and taken to city jail.

Reports of a man with a gun brought Officer Leatherwood to Stepp Mobile Home park on July 8. The caller wanted to remain anonymous but gave officers a description of the man and the vehicle he was driving. "Fvs-chvtv" Lawhead was spotted by Leatherwood and pulled over. No gun was found during the traffic stop, and the man did not have a driver's license. He was arrested and taken to city jail for booking.