A couple were arrested after officers were called to a domestic disturbance and found drugs.

On March 23, Officer Robert Jones responded to 1200 Trimble Ave. on a report of domestic violence. As the officer approached the front door, he heard Coleman Panell tell someone to shut up. Panell opened the door and started apologizing. He said he wanted to go to a party in Tulsa and brought Jazmine Gulley cigarettes. He said the two got into a verbal argument, but Panell said Gulley bit him on the wrist and broke the skin. Gulley said she didn't want to file charges, and Jones noticed she had blood on her bottom lip and a mark under her eye. Inside the apartment, Jones found a bottle of pills, a container of marijuana, a set of scales, and a glass pipe. Neither Gulley nor Panell had a medical marijuana card, and both denied knowing about the pills. Jones noted the oxycodone and took both subjects to the detention center. Gulley admitted things were physical and Panell threw her on the ground when she tore the pocket on his hoodie. Gulley was charged with possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, and possession of a controlled dangerous substance without a valid prescription. Panell was charged with domestic assault and battery, possession of a controlled dangerous substance without a prescription, possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia.

Officer Lane Cobb was dispatched to Mimosa Lane after a vehicle was in a ditch on March 20 for about 15 minutes. The driver, Jordan Sunagoowie, had a strong odor of alcohol and had to put the vehicle in park and turn it off. Cobb noticed an open bottle of liquor. He asked Sunagoowie how she got in the ditch and she said she didn't know. She admitted to drinking alcohol. Sunagoowie said she was on her way home when she drove into the ditch. Cobb asked if she knew where she was and she said by the hospitals, then asked for a ride home. He asked her if she had done any illegal drugs, and she said she hadn't. While Sunagoowie performed a field sobriety test, she almost fell and took a breath test. She was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and transporting an open container. Since the vehicle was impounded, Cobb searched and found an open bottle of rum in the back seat. Sunagoowie admitted to taking a Xanax pill and was taken to Northeastern Health System for a blood test.

Edward Sawney was arrested after he fell asleep outside a tanning salon March 20. Officer Justin Leatherwood found Sawney lying against the building. When Sawney was awoke, he moaned and rolled around. He was taken to the patrol unit and patted down. The officer found an unopened can of Four Loko and an unopened bottle of vodka. Sawney was booked for public intoxication.

Officer Kyle Reed was called to Vinita Avenue and West Allen Road for a welfare check on a woman who was dancing in the street. Dispatch advised the woman would stop and stare at cars as they drove by. Andgelise Poole matched the woman's description and was bleeding from her foot and had a small laceration on her thumb. She told the officer she had been in an altercation, but wouldn't elaborate. Poole called an ambulance, but when EMS arrived, Poole wouldn't let them check her injuries. Reed said Poole was slurring her speech and was unsteady on her feet. She was arrested and booked for public intoxication.

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