A Tahlequah man was arrested after officers found him drunk with an IV needle in his arm.

On Sept. 7, Tahlequah Police Officer Robbie Bacon was dispatched to Big B Convenience store on a report of a man lying beside the building. Allen James tried to talk to officers, but they couldn't understand what he said due to his slurred speech. Bacon said the man had a strong odor of alcohol and he had an IV needle in his left arm. Officers contacted W.W. Hastings Hospital to see if James was recently discharged. Dispatch said he had left the hospital on his own before they could remove the needle. Northeastern Health System EMS arrived to remove the needle and James was taken to jail for public intoxication.

Two were arrested for possession after officers found methamphetamine on them. On Sept 1, Officer Justin Leatherwood was dispatched to Casey's on Downing because of a man and a woman who were asking customers for money and cigarettes. David Bates and Sarah Kitchel were found behind the store and were asked for identification. Kitchel said her ID was in a pouch Bates had, and when he opened it, Leatherwood saw drugs inside. When Bates tried to close the pouch, the drugs fell out and he was handcuffed. He told officers the meth wasn't his and Kitchel had him carry her ID in the pouch. Leatherwood found a glass stem from a meth pipe in the man's pocket. Kitchel had a capped needle and syringe in her backpack and took ownership of the meth.

On Sept. 7, Sgt. Bryan Qualls was dispatched to Hillcrest Avenue and Second Street on a report of an intoxicated man lying on the ground. He met with a man who was sitting on the ground next to a VHS player. Herbert King said he was carrying the VHS player when he fell to the ground. Qualls said the man had a strong odor of alcohol and he was unable to keep his balance. King said he drank whiskey with a friend earlier in the night. He was arrested and taken to city jail for public intoxication.

Leatherwood arrested a man for public intoxication on Sept. 7. The officer was dispatched to 1000 S. College Ave. for an intoxicated person near Game Barn. Bryan Fields was lying near a dumpster and had to have help standing up. He was taken to city jail and booked.

Jimmy Briggs was arrested for public intoxication at Loves Country Store on Sept. 9. Officer Michael Cates noticed Briggs and another man kept coming in and out of the store and were cursing at people. He said Briggs had slurred speech, dilated pupils and made jerking movements and twitched. He was taken to the detention center and booked.

Teddy Thompson was also arrested at Love's Country Store for public intoxication on Sept. 9. Officer Michael Gray was with Officer Cates when they noticed Thompson and Briggs inside of the store. He said both men motioned for the officers to leave and they were unsteady on their feet. Thompson was taken to the detention center and booked.

On Sept. 5, Lt. Dexter Scott was on patrol near Grand Avenue and Greenview Road where he saw a truck who matched the description of a vehicle involved in a theft of light poles the night before. The driver didn't use a turn signal when he pulled onto Cedar Avenue, and the officer pulled the him over. Aaron Tyler was told to walk back to Scott's patrol car but was hesitant. Scott said the man's license came back as suspended and he was arrested. The expiration month on the tag had been changed from '06 to '08 with a marker and the plate returned to a truck with a different VIN number. Tyler was transported to city jail and booked for driving while suspended, no insurance, taxes due state and defective equipment.

Officers arrested a man after they found him passed out at Grace Baptist Church on Grand Avenue. On Aug. 16, Darrell Begay was passed out next to a nearly empty bottle of Tavarski vodka and didn't know where he was. He said he only had a drink or two from that bottle.

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