A Tahlequah woman was arrested after she gave a fake name to try to avoid it.

On Nov. 3, Tahlequah Police Officer Thomas Donnell was on patrol near Muskogee Avenue when he noticed two women walking. They said they were walking home, but he became suspicious when they were unable to give him an address. He asked for their identification, and only one had it. The other said she didn't have any ID at all. A records check cleared the first woman and she was released. The other said her name was Jamie Stevenson and she had a license out of Alabama. Dispatch notified the officer the woman's name was Jamie Avery, and she had a warrant out for her arrest. She told Donnell she lied because she didn't want to go to jail. During a search of Avery's backpack, Donnell found a glass pipe with residue and two needles, one of which had a clear liquid inside it that tested positive for methamphetamine. He also found a baggie with residue. Avery was taken to the detention center and booked. While officers were searching her, they found a baggie with two pills, which were identified as buprenorphine, a Schedule 2 narcotic. Avery was charged with possession of controlled dangerous substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and false personation to avoid prosecution.

On Nov. 1, Sgt. Bryan Qualls was on patrol near West Choctaw Street when he noticed a white car that only had its day running lights on. When the vehicle passed, he saw no taillights were illuminated. He stopped the driver and asked for her license and proof of insurance. She grabbed her purse and sat it in her lap to get her license. Qualls smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. He asked if there was marijuana inside the car, and she said there wasn't. However, Qualls could see a baggie under her purse. The driver said she had her medical marijuana license but didn't have it with her. But Qualls said the marijuana wasn't in its original packaging and searched the vehicle when he found more pot on the floorboard. The driver said she had consumed one beer and smoked a "blunt" that day. Qualls determined she wasn't under the influence, issued her a citation for the marijuana, and she was released.

On Oct. 30, Sgt. Shawn Presley was assigned to investigate a hit-and-run accident at 4800 S. Muskogee Ave. Tara Tate said someone had run into the rear of her vehicle as she was turning into Del Rancho, and the person continued to drive away. Dispatch notified the officer that a witness followed the vehicle, and it was traveling between Muskogee and Tahlequah. A short time later, dispatch notified the officer and said Fort Gibson police had the vehicle stopped and two people detained. The driver, Jazmyne Davison, was arrested for DUI and other traffic violations. Tate purportedly didn't signal when she was turning, but changed her story and said the damage to the car happened in McAlester. Presley took photographs of the damage to Tate's vehicle and said the paint chips matched the other vehicle. The police report will be forwarded to the District Attorney's Office.

Mary Gage filed a report regarding trespassing and missing furniture on Nov. 4. She said a former tenant had been evicted from Royal Oaks and during that process, took an oak chest that belonged to the complex. Gage requested that the woman be banned from the property. She said the woman admitted to taking the furniture, and Gage told her if she brought it back, she wouldn't file charges.

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