A convicted felon admitted to buying a gun, but quickly changed his story when officers arrested him.

On Jan. 22, Tahlequah Police Lt. Dexter Scott was on patrol on Cedar Avenue when he noticed a Toyota truck run a red light. The driver was not wearing his seat belt and Scott pulled the vehicle over. As he walked up to the vehicle, Scott saw Andrew Bowlin stuff something in the seat. The driver and Bowlin seemed nervous when they were talking to the officer, so Scott asked for additional officers. They asked both men to exit the vehicle and when Bowlin opened the door, a BB gun fell out. Sgt. Bryan Qualls had his K-9 partner, Ivo, conduct an air sniff around the truck. Officers found another BB gun and a rifle in the truck, along with marijuana wax, a pipe, and Suboxone in Bowlin's pocket. Bowlin provided a medical marijuana license and said he had a prescription for the pills, but didn't have it on him. The driver said the rifle belonged to Bowlin, who is a convicted felon. Bowlin told the officer he bought the rifle and he was working on getting his conviction expunged. When Scott told him he was being arrested for possession of the firearm, Bowlin said he knew nothing about the gun. He was taken to the detention center and booked for possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of a firearm after a felony conviction.

Sgt. Jason Girdner was dispatched to Dollar General on Downing Street in reference to a shoplifting incident Jan. 16. Raven Hulse said she was checking in a vendor when she noticed a woman take a bag of dog food and walk out of the store. She said the woman wouldn't stop when she asked her to, and the suspect left in a Hyundai SUV. The employee gave Girdner the tag number and he went to the residence that was listed. He said the vehicle wasn't in the driveway, so he returned to that location a few days later. The homeowner said he sold that vehicle to his mother and that his sister often drives it. Girdner tried to make contact with her but couldn't. That same day, the suspected woman came to the police department and said she stole the dog food because she didn't have the money to pay for it. She was issued a citation for petit larceny and given a court date.

On Jan. 21, Officer Josh Girdner was called to Walmart on a report of two people who shoplifted. Asset Protection employee Stephen McDaniel said Luther Stopp and Ashley Pritchett failed to scan items when they were checking out. They were stopped and taken back to the AP office. After a records check, Stopp was taken to the detention center and booked for a felony warrant. Pritchett was taken to city jail and booked for a misdemeanor warrant.

A woman was issued a citation after she stole $51 worth of items from Walmart Jan. 20. AP employee David Callison said the woman underrang merchandise and tried hiding the items in her shopping cart. She was stopped as she left the store and was escorted back to the AP office.

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