A Northeastern Health System employee was arrested after officers found marijuana plants and drugs inside his vehicle.

On Jan. 8, Tahlequah Police Sgt. Bryan Qualls was on patrol on East Downing when he noticed a Chevrolet Avalanche with an expired tag. He pulled the driver over and could see several marijuana plants in the vehicle. Robert Jason Rhoads said he didn't have his medical marijuana card and neither did the passenger. Officers removed four plants from the vehicle and began a search. They found four smoking pipes, a plastic container that had methamphetamine inside, and a grinder. Two of the pipes had white residue. Qualls also found an NHS employee identification card that had a photo and the name "Jason" on it. Qualls asked Rhoads if the ID was his, and he said it was. He also took ownership of the pipes and the methamphetamine. Rhoads was taken to the detention center and booked for taxes due to state, cultivation of marijuana, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jacob Henry Tagg was arrested after he repeatedly lied to officers about his name on Jan. 7. Sgt. Qualls was on patrol near Fourth Street and South Muskogee Avenue when he made contact with a man for riding a bike on the sidewalk. The man said his name was Jacob Henry Stone, but said he was 23, 25, or 26 years old. Dispatch was unable to find information with that name or date of birth. Qualls told him he would be charged with obstruction if he continued to lie. After he was placed in the back of a patrol unit, he said his name was Jakub Henry Stone, with the same date of birth. Again, dispatch was unable to find information. Tagg finally gave his correct name and said he lied because he had a warrant. Qualls searched a bag Tagg had on him and found a digital scale, a smoking pipe, and a baggie containing methamphetamine. Tagg was taken to the detention center and booked for the warrant, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, obstructing an officer, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On Jan. 4, Officer Kyle Reed was advised of an embezzlement at Walmart. Asset Protection employee Misty Dick said Chyanne Carpenter selected a phone case from electronics, then went back to the fitting room area to continue working. When it was time for Carpenter to get off work, she grabbed the phone case, three shirts, and sunglasses. She put the items in a cart and headed toward the lawn and garden area, where she put the items in a bag. Carpenter proceeded to self-checkout and made a purchase, but failed to ring up the items in the bag. After an internal interview was conducted, Carpenter was arrested and charged with embezzlement.

Officer Michael Cates responded to Walmart for a shoplifter who was walking across the parking lot Jan. 6. Cates was able to find the suspect and brought him back to the store. Misty Dick said the man removed the price tags off a cheaper item, and placed it on a more expensive item. The cost of the item was supposed to ring up as $77, but instead rang up as $14. The man was issued a citation for petit larceny and released.

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