A Tahlequah man told officers he would rather go to jail than get a ride home.

On Oct. 3, Tahlequah Police Officer Justin Leatherwood was dispatched to Fox Street on a report of an intoxicated man. He said Herbert Dale King was clearly drunk and said he was drinking at a friend's house. The man said he couldn't find his way home and the officer patted him down. Leatherwood was transporting King home when he said he would rather go to jail. Dispatch was notified of the destination change, and King was taken there, where he was booked for public intoxication.

On Oct. 4, Sgt. Jason Girdner was on patrol near Oklahoma Avenue and Cedar Avenue when he noticed a man he recognized from an incident a week prior. While talking to Greg Laster, Girdner noticed the man was sweating profusely and wouldn't stand still. Girdner asked him if he had anything illegal in his pockets and he said he didn't. A patdown revealed a pipe in his front pocket and methamphetamine in another. Laster was arrested and taken in for possession of controlled dangerous substance and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Police were called after two men were seen near a playground at a daycare in the early hours. On Oct. 6, officer were called to the daycare, but the men drove off in a Chevy truck before they got there. An hour later, another call came in that the same truck was back in the area. Officer Leatherwood made a traffic stop and the driver, Joshua Ryals, had an expired driver's license. The passenger, Michael Carpenter, had a syringe near him on the floorboard in plain sight. He said his truck and phone had been stolen and he had just gotten the truck back. He said he was trying to locate his phone by the daycare. He said the syringe wasn't his but it did contain methamphetamine. Both men were taken to city jail.

Michael Limpy was arrested again for lying on the lobby floor at KFC. On Oct. 5, Officer Matthew Frits said he couldn't understand Limpy because the suspect was very intoxicated. Limpy was taken to city jail for public intoxication.

On Oct. 3, Officer Frits was called to Walmart for a shoplifter. Asset Protection associates said a man tried to steal a pair of gloves. They said he removed the tag from the item, walked to the garden center, and concealed them in his pocket. The man paid for other items but not the gloves and tried to leave the store when he was stopped and escorted back to an office. The man said he didn't have enough money to pay for the item. He was issued a citation for petit larceny.

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