A loitering man got arrested after officers found drugs in his pocket.

On Oct. 15, Tahlequah Police Officer Matthew Frits was dispatched to Family Dollar on South Muskogee Avenue on a report of two men loitering. David Bates and the other man were told they needed to leave when officers finished interviewing them. While dispatch was checking for warrants, Bates kept putting his hands in his pockets, and Frits said he was going to pat him down. When he did, he felt an item similar to a syringe in a pocket. The officer retrieved the syringe, which contained a clear liquid that tested positive for methamphetamine. When he was handcuffing Bates, Frits could smell alcohol coming from him, too. It turned out that Bates did have an outstanding warrant through the county, and he was arrested. He was taken to the detention center and booked for public intoxication, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The other man was advised to leave the store.

Brenden Ryan was arrested when he drove drunk and hit a parked vehicle. On Oct. 8, Officer Thomas Donnell was called to 411 N. East St., and the caller said a man was knocking on her door. When Donnell arrived, Ryan told him he was on his phone, drove off the road, and hit the vehicle. Donnell said the man lied to him when he said he was on his phone and charged him with obstruction. Officer Michael Cates said he could smell alcohol on Ryan's breath, and Donnell asked him to do a breathalyzer test. The man said he didn't drink at all, despite blowing a .17. Ryan was arrested and taken to the detention center, where he did a sobriety test. Donnell said Ryan was under 21 and blew over the limit. He was booked for driving under the influence and obstruction.

On Oct. 15, Officer Robbie Bacon was called to Walmart for a backpack found in the parking lot. Bill Kirk said he found the bag behind the passenger side front wheel of a vehicle. Bacon searched the bag and found property that belonged to Jesse Conway. He had an Asset Protection officer page that name in the store, but no one answered. He put the bag in an evidence locker and logged it.

Officer Kyle Reed was flagged down by Josh Garde at Dano's store Oct. 16. The man said he found a credit card at Little Caesar's that belonged to Gayle Johnson. He wanted to turn the card over to police for safekeeping.

On Oct. 3, Madison Adair said someone vandalized his house while he was moving. He walked into the house and saw the living room window had been broken and all the light bulbs were gone.

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