A Tahlequah man was arrested for DUI after he drove in the wrong lane in front of officers on Feb. 8.

Tahlequah Police Department Officer Justin Leatherwood was driving on West Choctaw Street when he saw the driver of a truck cross the center line. The truck crossed the center line a second time and stayed in the wrong lane for a period of time. Leatherwood pulled the truck over and asked Christopher Chaffin for his license and insurance. The driver had a strong odor of alcohol coming from him and was asked to exit the vehicle to perform a field sobriety test. Leatherwood determined Chaffin was too impaired to drive and arrested him. He was taken to the detention center and booked for DUI and left of center.

Amanda Loffer was arrested after she was caught stealing from Walmart Feb. 11. Asset protection employee Stephen McDaniel observed the woman on video surveillance select several items throughout the store. Loffer went to self-checkout where she tried to pay with several cards. She concealed a pack of batteries and a bottle of water in her purse after none of the cards were approved. Loffer was escorted back to the AP office where the items were recovered. McDaniel advised Loffer had been banned from all Walmart locations from a previous incident. She was taken to jail and booked for petit larceny of merchandise from a retailer and trespassing after being forbidden.

On Feb. 13, Sgt. Bryan Qualls was on patrol near South College Avenue when he noticed a man staggering on the wrong side of the road. Cord Lowrey had a strong odor of alcohol coming from him and slurred his words. He admitted to drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana prior to being stopped by officers. Qualls conducted a field sobriety test on Lowrey and he was arrested after he displayed indications of being impaired.

Officer Leatherwood was called to Walmart on a report of a man shoplifting Feb. 8. Asset protection employees said they were watching Michael Shane Jordan who took a dual screen DVD player. The man went to the sporting goods section where he removed the spider wire security device, and put the item in a plastic bag. Qualls and Leatherwood were outside of the store when Jordan exited and they escorted him back to the AP office. He was trespassed from the property and taken to jail for shoplifting and an outstanding warrant.

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