Officers arrested a man after he climbed in the back of a truck that didn’t belong to him.

On Aug. 11, Tahlequah Police Officer Cody Warren was called to a report from Scott Pettus that a man was in the bed of his truck. Warren said Leslie Dustin Whelchel was talking to himself as he walked up to the vehicle. Whelchel claimed he was talking to two women who gave him permission to be in the truck. Pettus said he didn’t know the man, but he had seen him around. Whelchel was booked for public intoxication and taken to city jail.

Officer Bronson McNiel was dispatched to East Avenue and Dogwood Drive on a report of two women arguing. The two were on the front porch of a house when McNiel arrived, and they ran inside when they saw him. He knocked several times without an answer, so he walked to an open window, where he spoke to Laura Carroll. She and her sister were arguing about a family matter and did not want to give officers their names. Carroll and the officer continued to argue before she tried to slam the window shut. McNiel caught the window and grabbed Carroll by her shirt as officers entered the house. She was arrested and booked for obstruction.

James Allen was arrested for public drunk while he was at the city park. On Aug. 7, Officer Josh Girdner was dispatched to the report of a drunk man who was yelling at people in the park. Lt. Steve Arnall had Allen in handcuffs by the time Girdner arrived.

On Aug. 8, Officer Cory Keele filed two separate vandalism reports on East Downing Street. The first incident occurred behind Braum’s, where Keele noticed a new spray painting that said “Panda.” The second incident occurred behind Cherokee Inn Motel, where the words “KBS” were painted. Keele took photos of the graffiti.

Officer Keele filed another vandalism report on Aug. 10 at the intersection of State Street and South Street. The graffiti appeared to say “KGB” and “Kant be stopped.” He photographed the markings and documented the phrase “growing problem this I am seeing around town.”