A man was arrested after he pointed a gun at another driver during a road rage incident.

On Jan. 7, Tahlequah Police Officer Chris Smith was called to Edward Jones on a report of a road rage incident. Detective Bryan Swim was out with the driver of one of the vehicles. Edward Smith said he was at a red light on Muskogee Avenue when the driver of the vehicle behind him honked. Smith said that aggravated him and he felt he was being intimidated. He slammed on his brakes several times and flipped off the driver. At some point, Smith brandished his gun and waved it out the window, pointing it at the other driver. Smith pulled into the Edward Jones office so he could hide the gun, and the other driver followed him. Smith said he threw the gun under a bush in a flower bed, and the officer recovered it in that location. Smith was taken to the detention center and booked for feloniously pointing a firearm. The other driver said he honked after Smith didn't go for the green light and he was scared he was going to get shot.

Officer Bronson McNiel was dispatched to North Cedar Avenue on a harassment complaint Jan. 7. Officers had been called to the same apartment several times that day to speak with Kermit Harris. He complained that he kept seeing people who weren't there and felt like they were trying to hurt him. Harris told officers people were outside his bedroom window, and when they checked it out, they could see two bullet holes in the bedroom window. They determined the bullets came from inside the apartment and struck a truck nearby. Harris said he shot through the window because he felt threatened. Officers found a full case of ammunition shells in boxes, and said they saw rifle ammunition. Harris was arrested and charged with reckless conduct with a firearm and possession of a firearm after felony conviction.

On Jan. 9, Officer Steven Smith was assigned to investigate an assault at 1200 W. Trimble Ave. Henry Dye said Matthew Potts and another man came to his apartment, took a belt off the wall and left. Dye said a few minutes later, Potts kicked the front door open and brandished a knife. Dye said he picked up a baseball bat and chased the man out of the apartment. Officer Kyle Reed made contact with Potts that same day and arrested him for robbery by fear of force. Reed said he found a Monster energy drink and an open package of Ramen Noodles on the man. Potts said he stole the items from Express Stop. He was taken to jail and booked for robbery by fear of force, knowingly concealing stolen property, assault with a deadly weapon, petit larceny, and public intoxication.

Officer Justin Leatherwood was doing a building check at Comfort Inn Jan. 11 when he noticed a car parked next to a construction dumpster. Dakota Roland was asleep in the driver's seat and the officer awoke him. Leatherwood could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Roland said he didn't have any pot because he smoked it all. Leatherwood asked if there were any guns or knives in the vehicle and Roland said he had a gun as he reached behind him. He complied after the officer told him to stop. Once the suspect was out of the vehicle, Leatherwood patted him down and he said he had a needle in his pocket. He told Roland to get the uncapped needle, and when he reached in his pocket, he stabbed his abdomen. Roland admitted he used methamphetamine a day earlier. Leatherwood retrieved an air soft pistol from the vehicle and found a Crown Royal bag in the driver's side door pocket. In the bag were 60 pink pills, 30 white pills, 20 yellow pills, 11 blue pills, and another 30 white pills. There were also a set of working scales and two bags of methamphetamine. Leatherwood said all pills were packaged for sale. Roland was taken to the detention center and booked for possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Officer Robbie Bacon was dispatched to the area of Lakes Driver for a suspicious truck parked in the road Jan. 11. As he made contact with the driver, he could smell a strong odor of marijuana. The driver said there was some marijuana in the vehicle and he didn't have a license for it. He was cited for possession of marijuana and released on his own recognizance.

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