Officers arrested an intoxicated man who was wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt as pants.

On Nov. 4, Tahlequah Police Officer Robert Jones responded to Roadway Inn on a report of a man who was throwing objects at people inside. He found Kody Fields asleep on a couch in the lobby. The officer asked the man where his clothes were, and he said they were left in his cell. When he asked Fields to stand up, he noticed his pants were a long-sleeved T-shirt. When the man was given a field sobriety test and showed clues of being under the influence, he was arrested.

Lt. Dexter Scott arrested two people who were asleep in a storage unit behind the old Keetoowah Casino Nov. 4. He said he was checking an abandoned unit when he found Christopher Glass and Jeannie Hastings asleep inside. They said they were homeless and didn't have another place to go. Several days earlier, Scott found the same pair in the unit and told them to stay out, since they weren't renting it. He told them if they returned, they would be arrested. They were taken to city jail and booked for vagrancy.

On Oct. 25, Officer Jones took a walk-in report at the police station. Keri Thornton said she received threatening messages via Facebook from a woman about an article she had written for the Daily Press, based on a police report. The woman said she would find Thornton in public and humiliate her and her family, and she would be "watching."

On Nov. 4, Officer Robbie Bacon was dispatched to Braum's on a report of an intoxicated man who was falling down and flopping around. Dispatch notified him the man was walking toward Love's County Store. The officer found the man behind Sooner TV. Ronnie Adams Jr. smelled of alcohol, slurred his speech, and was unsteady on his feet. He admitted to drinking and was arrested for public intoxication.

Alvin Catron Jr. was arrested after city workers saw him vandalize the old city pool Nov. 5. Detective Bryan Swim was on patrol when Caleb Nicholas approached him and said the man just left on a bike. The detective found Catron Jr. in Sequoyah City Park and he admitted to spray-painting the word "flawless," saying he thought a man owned the park and not the city. Catron Jr. had a can of white spray paint on him, the same color used to vandalize the park. He was taken to city jail and booked.

On Nov. 4, Sgt. Shawn Presley was assigned to investigate a report of an intoxicated man who was harassing children near 1100 S. Muskogee Ave. There was Byron Fields, who was nearly passed out and was told to stand up. The man had a strong odor of alcohol coming from him and he was arrested for public intoxication.

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