A man was arrested after he was found rolling around on the sidewalk near Domino’s Pizza.

On Aug. 12, Tahlequah Police Officer Thomas Donnell was called to the pizzeria on complaints of a drunken man passed out. He found Allen James lying on the sidewalk, rolling around and yelling. Donnell could smell alcohol on the man and assisted him to his feet. James was taken to city jail for public intoxication.

Officer Brian Jordan was dispatched to 1518 N. Vinita Ave. on a report of a man trying to kick in a door on Aug. 13. While at the door to the trailer, Jordan saw a man running to an area of tall grass. There, he found Joseph Cloud lying in the grass and told him to stand up. The man said he had been drinking and he was placed in handcuffs. The woman who lived in the trailer said Cloud was drunk and he was upset that she was talking to a neighbor. She arranged for someone to pick him up and he left. He then came back and demanded to be let in and began banging on the door. Cloud was arrested for public intoxication and taken to city jail.

On Aug. 12, Dawn Leforce reported that she was informed of who punctured her tire approximately seven months ago. She told officers she didn’t report the vandalism when it happened because she didn’t know who was responsible. A neighbor informed Leforce of who it was.