A man was arrested after he smoked methamphetamine and brought a knife into the hospital.

On Oct. 29, Tahlequah Police Officer Chase Reed was dispatched to Northeastern Health System for a disturbance in the emergency room lobby. Hospital security said Roger Acoya came in with a knife and insisted people were waiting for him in the parking lot, trying to kill him. When security seized the knife, the man became irate. Reed said Acoya was pacing and wouldn't stand still, that he had a look of panic on his face, and he kept glancing out the windows. Acoya claimed he and a man named "Daniel" had been "back-roading." He admitted he had parked near the hospital, where he and "Daniel" smoked methamphetamine. Acoya said the man punched him on his left eye and fled. He was taken to the detention center and booked for public intoxication.

Aaron Lingo-Wilson was arrested after a woman accused him of hitting her. On Oct. 29, Officer Matthew Frits was called to Royal Oaks Apartment on a report of a man trying to break down a front door. They met with a woman who insisted nothing had happened. She admitted there was a verbal altercation earlier in the day between her and Lingo-Wilson. Officers told the man to leave for the night, and as he was gathering his belongings, Frits noticed the woman had a busted lip. Once the man left the apartment, the woman said Lingo-Wilson had accused her of calling the cops on him previously, and he started slapping her. As she was explaining what had happened, Lingo-Wilson showed up again. Officers arrested him for domestic assault and battery and took him to the detention center. At the jail, Lingo-Wilson said he had gotten out of jail earlier that day, and when he got to the apartment, the woman already had the busted lip. He said there was a verbal altercation between the two with some pushing and shoving, but she was lying about his hitting her.

Officer Brian Jordan arrested a Muskogee man for public intoxication at Love's County Store Oct. 28. Customers said a man who was trying to start a fight went in the restroom. The officer told Jacob Smith he needed to talk to him, but the suspect wouldn't come out of the restroom, and Jordan went in and saw Smith had locked himself in the stall. When Jordan told him to step out, he complied and turned over his driver's license, Jordan said the suspect had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, though he said he'd had just a little. He was taken to city jail and booked.

John Barsh was arrested after he trespassed at Love's Country Store Oct. 28. Employee Derrick Carey said Barsh had been banned and he wanted to place him under citizens arrest. Barsh told officers he knew he wasn't allowed at the store, and he was taken to city jail.

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