A Midwest City man was arrested for DUI after he drove into oncoming traffic in front of officers.

On Sept. 1, Tahlequah Police Officer Thomas Donnell was notified an alleged drunken driver was headed in his direction. He saw the Chevy Impala waiting at South Muskogee Avenue when the driver turned into oncoming traffic and crossed the center median. Donnell pulled the driver over in the Walmart parking lot. Aspen Wilson said he was reaching for his license and asked his passenger to film the traffic stop because he didn't want to "get hurt by the police." The driver reeked of alcohol and was asked to step out of the vehicle for a sobriety test. Wilson would not follow directions or listen to the officer. He was arrested and booked for driving into an oncoming lane of traffic and DUI.

On Sept. 5, Officer William Robertson was dispatched to Walmart for a shoplifter. Dispatch advised him the subject was across the street near Reasor's. Nakia Brazil ran into the store after she saw him. She tired to exit through one of the doors, and as the officer pulled up, she ran to another door. Robertson caught up to her and asked why she was hiding from him. She claimed she was hiding from an ex-boyfriend. She was detained and taken to Walmart, where Asset Protection officers said she shoplifted. AP officer Stephen McDaniel saw Brazil take barcodes off clearance items and place them on higher-priced items. She ended up scamming $106.36 in unpaid items and was taken to city jail for petit larceny.

Officer Chase Reed was dispatched to 1105 N. Vinita Ave, on a report of a suspicious person Sept. 8. The person who called said a woman walked out of the woods and said she couldn't find her father. Helen Jones said she was looking for her father because the man at her house didn't look like him. She also said there was marijuana in her purse. Reed searched and found a bag of methamphetamine, marijuana and a glass pipe. Jones was booked for possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On Sept. 4, Officer Brian Jordan was called to Super 8 motel on a report of a woman inside a room that was supposed to be empty. Isaiah Westmoreland said he met a woman at McDonald's and she asked him if he needed a place to stay. He went to the motel and a short time later, the woman started acting strangely and tried to get "demons" to attack him. Chelsey Carnes said she was alerted after Westmoreland told her he was saying in that room. Jordan went to the room and asked Tammy Sanders why she was there. She said Westmoreland invited her up and that it was his room. She was arrested for breaking and entering and transported to the detention center.

Curtis Watie was arrested after he stole $94.54 worth of items at Walmart on Sept. 8. AP officers said the man concealed the items in his backpack and walked out of the store. Watie had a warrant out for his arrest and was taken to the detention center.

Lester Andrews was arrested for trespassing at Walmart on Sept. 6. Officer William J. Robertson said the man had been banned from the storm since 2015 and he was seen inside by Asset Protections officers. Andrews was taken to the detention center and booked for trespassing after being forbidden.

On Sept. 4, a woman was cited after she concealed $90.98 worth of items from Walmart.

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