Two women were arrested after a bank allegedly caught them trying to fraudulently cash a $1,500 check.

On Jan. 11, Tahlequah Police Officer Cory Keele was called to assist the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office on a traffic stop at Hart Funeral Home. Dwayne Solenberg handed the officer a check made out to Paula Folsum for $1,500. The man said he didn't write the check and he was called by his bank when Folsum tried to cash it. When he arrived at the bank, he saw his ex-wife's truck in the drive-thru and he called 911. He said he chased the truck all the way to W.W. Hasting Hospital, where he tried to block it. The driver, Marissa Solenberg, purportedly hit her ex-husband's truck as she tried to leave. Eventually the two vehicles were stopped at the funeral home by CCSO. Dwayne said his ex had been trying to cash his business checks and used his credit card without his permission. Keele questioned Folsum, who said Dwayne wrote her the check after she sold him a couple of drills. Dwayne denied that and said he didn't even know who the woman was. Marissa said her ex gave her the truck and the checks were already in it. She said she wasn't going to take full responsibility and wanted a lawyer. Officers contacted the bank and a teller said they called Dwayne after they noticed the signature on the check didn't match the account holder. Folsum and Marissa Solenberg were both arrested and taken to the detention center. During a search of the truck, Keele found more blank checks that belonged to Dwayne, along with a credit card in his name, and signatures that weren't his. Marissa was booked for check fraud, possession of a forged instrument, and possession of a controlled dangerous substance with no valid script. Folsum was booked for check fraud.

Officer Brian Jordan responded to Love's Country Store on a report of an intoxicated man who was causing a disturbance Jan. 11. Inside the store, Jordan found Joshua Hobbs, who was dripping water on the floor and table. Jordan had to help the man outside as he walked and noticed he had a busted lip and blood on his shirt. Hobbs said several men jumped him but wouldn't give the officer more information. Since the man was unsteady on his feet and staggered around, he was arrested and taken to jail for public intoxication.

On Jan. 6, Officer Chris Smith was called to Casey's General Store on a report of an intoxicated man trying to sell drugs. There he found Chase Vann getting out of a vehicle and trying to put on a shoe. The man reportedly almost fell several times and seemed lethargic. Vann was arrested and booked for public intoxication and possession of paraphernalia.

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