An outstanding warrant landed a local man in jail after a traffic stop.

On Aug. 8, Tahlequah Police Officer Jason Girdner pulled over a Cadillac SUV that had an expired tag on the Bertha Parker Bypass. The driver, Monty Kirk, did not have a driver's license or insurance for the vehicle. He did have a warrant through Cherokee County and was arrested. Officers searched the SUV and found marijuana and a pipe. They also found Kirk's wallet and noted he had his medial marijuana card.

Officer Brian Powers was called to 106 Lou Ellen St. to assist Fire Chief Ray Hammons, who needed the identification of a man at a house that had caught fire. Billy Everett said he was next door when someone yelled there was a fire, and he went to the house to see if anyone was inside. Powers spoke to the renters of the house, Rodney Haworth and Eliza Simpson. They said they smelled smoke and saw an area near the back side of the house was engulfed, so they left.

Edward Sawney was arrested for public intoxication on Aug. 7. Lt. Steve Arnall was called to Cherokee Hills Family Medicine to investigate the drunken man. Staff said Sawney had been there for two hours and he didn't have an appointment. He was taken to city jail and booked.

On Aug. 9, Officer Michael Gray was inside Casey's on Downing, where he saw a man who was unsteady on his feet walk in. David Spears purchased a pizza and told Gray he had a few beers an hour earlier. He was arrested for public intoxication and taken to city jail for booking.

Janna Hopkins found a cell phone and clothing items in front of her truck on Aug. 7. She told Officer Gray that the gate to her backyard was open, and it is always closed because she has dogs. Gray logged the items into evidence for safekeeping.

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