A Tahlequah woman was arrested after officers were called on the report of someone throwing a young dog around.

On Jan. 13, Tahlequah Police Officer Bronson McNiel arrived to 105 E. Fifth Street and found an intoxicated Kayla Adair in the middle of the road. She had ahold of a puppy by the back of its neck and was jerking it around in the air. When she saw the officer, she went back to her yard and put the dog down. Adair said it was her dog, and the officer said she acted as if she could mistreat the animal since it belonged to her. She told the officer to arrest her, and he told her to put her hands behind her back. She was taken to jail and booked for public intoxication.

Andgelise Poole was arrested after she tried to pick a fight with an Assist Wireless employee Jan. 14. Officer Steven Smith arrived at the store and could see Poole and another woman yelling at the employee. He had them step outside and he noticed Poole was unsteady on her feet and continued to yell. She was arrested for public intoxication and taken to city jail.

On Jan. 12, Sgt. Jason Girdner took a walk in report from a man who found a smoking devise on his property. The man said he was going through a divorce and he didn’t want drugs or paraphernalia around his residence. Girdner said the device appeared to be old and didn’t smell of burned marijuana.

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