A Tahlequah woman was arrested for driving under the influence after she struck a vehicle.

On Nov. 22, Officer Chase Reed responded to a crash near Boone Street and Lena Avenue. One of the people involved said the other driver was trying to flee, but they prevented that from happening. That driver, Cynthia Ullom, was parked at Tahlequah Medical Group, and according to Reed's report, she looked as though she had a hard time staying awake. Reed said when he had her roll down her window, he could smell alcohol. When he asked Ullom what happened, she said she couldn''t remember, but she needed to feed the cats at the vet clinic. The other driver said Ullom veered out of her lane and struck his vehicle. As Reed was sitting in his vehicle to write down the information, Ullom tried backing out of the parking lot. He had her get out of her vehicle and reported she was unsteady on her feet. Later on, the officer had Ullom perform a sobriety test and she was arrested.

Austin Good was arrested after officers were called to a domestic incident Nov. 24. When Officer Michael Cates arrived at College Avenue and Fox Street, a woman was crying and told a man to get away from her. Cates separated the two and asked Good what happened. The man said they were arguing because she was pregnant, and the woman said he was drunk and calling her names. She said Good pushed her at one point, but she didn't want to press charges. After Good told officers he had six to seven drinks, he was taken to city jail.

On Nov. 23, Sgt. Bryan Qualls was on patrol near Seminary Avenue where he noticed a vehicle with a defective brake light. He pulled the vehicle over and while he was explaining the reason for the stop, he smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. When he asked the driver and the passengers if there was any pot in the vehicle, the backseat passenger said he had some and handed the officer a green bottle. He told Qualls he didn't have a medical marijuana card and was issued a citation. The driver was issued a verbal warning for the defective equipment, and they were released.

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