A local woman was arrested after she allegedly tried to start a fight in a bar.

On Sept. 7, Tahlequah Police Officer Justin Leatherwood was dispatched to Dewain's Place on a report of an intoxicated woman causing a disturbance. Alleena Harley was said to be walking through the parking lot and kept trying to open vehicle doors. Leatherwood watched her as she tried to open the door to a Chevy Impala and a Ford Crown Victoria. When he told her to stop, she said "no" and continued to walk away. Harley was deemed too intoxicated by a field sobriety test and was arrested. The owners of the bar said the woman tried to start a fight in the bathroom and walked out to the parking lot, where she was lying on the hood of a car that belonged to them.

On Sept. 7, Officer Brian Jordan was on patrol near East Downing Street, where he noticed a vehicle with a missing tail light lens. He stopped the driver and asked for her license. Brittany Parent said she only had a permit and the owner of the vehicle, who was in the backseat, told the officer she didn't have insurance. Dispatch notified Jordan that Parent's permit requires her to have a licensed driver over age 21, and the registration did not show current insurance. Parent was arrested and the vehicle was impounded.

The manager of a laundromat filed a complaint against a man on Sept. 5. Jean Kirkpatrick said the man, who is banned from Circle S Laundry Mat, was seen on video trying to collect misplaced money out from under the machines with a stick. She said the machines are direct-wired and there is a possibility he could get shocked if he did it again.

On Aug. 24, Officer Robert Jones followed up on a burglary incident at Car-Mart. He met with the manager, Brian Conley, whose vehicle was broken into a week prior. He said paper were pulled out of the glove box and center console. On Aug. 19, Kody Fields was arrested and he had papers in his pocket that belonged to Conley. The papers included vehicle registration, insurance card, a cable bill, Bank of Oklahoma Financial statement, a Tahlequah Public Works Authority bill and an AutoZone bill.

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