A local woman was arrested after she allegedly stole $745 worth of items from Walmart Dec. 23.

Tahlequah Police Officer Lane Cobb arrived at the store and asked Emma Osage her reason for stealing. She told him it was the stress of the holiday season and she knew she shouldn’t do it. Asset Protection employee Stephen McDaniel said he watched the woman conceal clothes, food, toys, batteries, and household items. At one point, Osage hit clothes under a blanket, then had her children sit on the blanket in the basket. She was stopped by employees after she passed all final points of sale, and was taken to the detention center for booking.

Michael Wilden was arrested after witnesses said he was driving under the influence Dec. 24. Officer Cobb was dispatched to the area of Reasor’s, where he found the vehicle that matched the description in the store parking lot. Wilden gave the officer his driver’s license and said he drank a couple of beers a few hours prior to the traffic stop. The driver also had an open can of beer within arms reach in the vehicle, and was told he was going to perform a field sobriety test. During the test, Officer Bronson McNiel found the driver to be exhibiting signs of being intoxicated. Wilden was taken to the detention center and booked for DUI and transporting an open container.

On Dec. 31, Officer Thomas Donnell arrested a woman after she tried to steal a pie crust and a pair of earrings. Asset Protection employee Misty Dick said she watched Tashana Teehee removed a package of earrings and continued to shop. She eventually removed the earrings from the package and put them in her pocket. Teehee failed to scan the two items and was approached by employees before she could leave the store. She was taken to city jail and booked for shoplifting.

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