A woman was issued a citation for petit larceny and arrested for outstanding warrants.

Sonya Pickering was in Walmart on June 9, altering price tags on larger items and concealing smaller items in her purse. APA observed her get deli food, then get rid of the containers after eating the contents. She was stopped by employees and taken to asset protection, where $92.82 worth of items was recovered. Tahlequah Police Officer Matthew Frits determined Pickering had an outstanding warrant though Cherokee County.

On June 7, Officer William J. Robertson took a report at the police department regarding threats. Two women staying at a house were asked to leave by the owner when they began yelling and calling her names and threatened to kill her. The two women then said she'd better watch every corner she makes because they were going to "get" her.

A woman was issued a citation for petit larceny after she took a price tag off a pair of sunglasses and did not pay. She admitted to stealing the item after confronted by officers.