A woman was taken to jail after she fought with the arresting officer and tried to bite him.

On March 19, Tahlequah Police Officer Kyle Reed responded to Northeastern Health System to transport Tamirah Foster to Wagoner for treatment. Foster became irate when Reed told her they were going and said she was going to go home. The officer told Foster she was in state's custody for mental health evaluation and treatment, and that she couldn't go home. As Reed placed the woman in handcuffs, she pulled away and fought. She was struck three times before she placed her other arm behind her back. Reed said it looked liked Foster was about to spit on him, and he covered her mouth with his gloved hand. At that time, Foster bit the officer, but didn't puncture the glove. Foster was taken to the detention center and booked for assault and battery upon a police officer, obstruction, and resisting arrest.

Edward Sawney was arrested after he caused a disturbance at Walmart March 18. Officer Bronson McNiel found Sawney lying down in a booth in the Subway and had him stand up. He said the man had a strong odor of alcoholic beverage mixed with mouthwash on his person.

On March 19, Lt. Dexter Scott was dispatched to McDonald's on the report of an intoxicated man in the parking lot. Byron Fields appeared to be drunk and admitted to drinking alcohol. He was arrested and taken to jail for public intoxication.

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