A woman who had prior convictions of driving drunk crashed her vehicle while intoxicated.

On Nov. 11, Tahlequah Police Officer Jacob Robertson responded to a single-vehicle crash on the State Highways 82 and 51 spur. Tahlequah Fire Department and EMS were getting a woman with a head injury out of the driver seat of the crashed vehicle. Robertson could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle and the driver, Jetaime Holloway. The woman admitted to drinking but refused to say when she consumed the alcohol. Holloway had to be transferred to Northeastern Health System for her injuries. Dispatch advised Holloway had a valid driver's license and insurance. However, dispatch found a setup number for Jetaime McCoskey that showed she had been revoked in 2014 for refusal to test for alcohol. Officer Lane Cobb went to the hospital, where the woman explained she goes by the name of Holloway, but her last name is really McCoskey. The hospital informed Cobb the woman was going to be released, and he took her to the Cherokee County Detention Center. McCoskey was booked on charges of driving under the influence, second or subsequent, and driving under revocation.

Sgt. Bryan Qualls was on patrol Nov. 12 near Ballentine Road when he noticed a woman walking barefoot. The woman said her name was Ashley Mae Murphy and she was walking to a house on Stick Ross Mountain Road. Qualls asked dispatched to run the name he was given, along with a date of birth the woman provided. Dispatch advised there was no information on that name, but they did find a record for Ashley Spencer with the same date of birth. Dispatch told the officer this particular woman would have a tattoo on the inside of her forearm. Qualls told the woman to show him her arm, and she did have a tattoo. The woman said she got married and changed her last name to Murphy. Dispatch advised Spencer had a warrant for her arrest for false personation to create liability. Qualls told Spencer she was going to be arrested for the warrant and asked if there was anything illegal on her. Spencer said she had dope, and Qualls found a baggie containing methamphetamine. Spencer was booked on charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and the warrant.

On Nov. 13, Sgt. Qualls was dispatched to College Avenue in regard to a disturbance. The caller said two people were screaming at each other, and Qualls found two women standing in the yard of a residence. Machelle Rivas-Vasquez said she was walking home when a neighbor from across the street began yelling at her. She said she yelled back and there was no physical altercation. Qualls asked dispatched to check Vasquez's information, and they said she had a warrant. The officer asked Vasquez if she had anything illegal on her and she admitted she had methamphetamine in her bra. Qualls told the woman she could remove the drug once she got to the jail, and she wouldn't be charged with bringing contraband into the jail since she told him about it before they got there. Vasquez was cited for the meth and booked on the charge of the warrant.

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