Police were called after a woman was seen stumbling onto the busy roadway.

On Nov. 14, Tahlequah Police Sgt. Bryan Qualls responded to Bertha Parker Bypass and Stick Ross Mountain Road for a welfare check. Dispatch advised a woman in a red shirt was seen crossing the road when she fell. The caller said the woman got up and made it across the road, but was stumbling. Qualls found the woman lying partially in the roadway and in a ditch. Delana Clayton was asleep and had to be awoken by officers. She said she didn’t know she was asleep or how she got there. While speaking with Clayton, Qualls could smell a strong odor of alcohol. She admitted to drinking vodka earlier. Qualls told Clayton to remove the items from her pockets after she claimed she had a knife. She pulled something out of her pocket and held it with a closed fist before she placed it back into her pocket. Qualls could see a glass pipe sticking out of Clayton’s pocket. Clayton removed items from her other pocket and began yelling at Qualls when he told her he was talking about the pocket with the pipe. Clayton was arrested and told Qualls she found the two pipes. Clayton was booked into jail for public intoxication and cited for the paraphernalia.

Officer Matt Frits pulled in behind a vehicle parked at a house on East Ross Street on Nov. 19. The house was supposed to be vacant, and Lt. Dexter Scott advised the vehicle was parked in the middle of the roadway. The driver, Cleo Gomez, exited the vehicle as Frits was stepping out of his patrol unit. Trae Cordell and Angelise Poole were inside the vehicle and Officers Robert Jones and Brian Jordan arrived to assist. Gomez said her friend was staying at the residence and she was visiting him. Frits searched Gomez and had her stand near the front of his cruiser. Cordell was still inside the vehicle, causing commotion. He was told to exit the vehicle and was patted down. Cordell said he had a syringe in his pocket the officer retrieved it, along with a bag that contained a crystal-like substance. Jordan had Poole exit the vehicle, patted her down, and detained her. Gomez was also detained and officers cleared the house. Frits searched the vehicle when he found several syringes and a clear container that had a white crystal-like substance. Frits asked Gomez, Cordell, and Poole about the meth and they all denied it belonged to them. Gomez and Poole were booked into jail on charges of possession of a control dangerous substance. Cordell was booked for possession of paraphernalia and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Officer Cory Keele responded to Shawnee Terrace in regard to a burglary on Nov. 8. Dispatch advised the house should be empty but the caller could see and hear people inside. A woman was standing outside as Keele walked up. The woman was staring ahead and mumbling. The woman told Keele not to look her in the eyes and tried to walk away, but the officer stopped her. He asked her for her last name and she laughed. Keele, a nationally certified drug recognition expert, believed the woman was under the influence. As he tried arresting her, she pulled away and yelled at him not to look her in the eyes. Officer Steven Smith arrived and assisted Keele in getting the woman handcuffed. Officers then checked the rest of the house and found it to be empty. Keele asked the woman several times for her name but she wouldn’t respond. The woman told officers her first name was Kailen but gave them several different last names. She was booked under the name of Jane Doe and charged with public intoxicated, resisting arrest, and obstruction. Keele was informed several days later that the woman’s name is Kailen Wackerly.

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