A man was taken to jail after he apparently drove drunk and ran into a fence.

On Nov. 24, Tahlequah Police Officer Lane Cobb was dispatched to West Choctaw Street for a hit-and-run. Dispatchers advised a gray Chevrolet Silverado struck a chain-link fence and left the scene. A witness said the driver was possibly under the influence. Cobb got to the location of the crash and could see damaged fence and a tree snapped in half. The witness said the driver was wearing a red sweatshirt and blue jeans. She said he exited the vehicle and was unsteady on his feet. The driver jumped into the vehicle and sped away. Officer Kyle Reed advised he made contact with the suspected vehicle and driver at Royal Oaks apartment. Reed said the driver, Jarret Jones, matched the witness’s description. Reed said Jones exuded a strong odor of alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot. After a field sobriety test, Jones admitted he struck the fence and caused damage. Officer Robbie Bacon searched the truck and found marijuana, a grinder, and an empty bottle of rum. Jones was taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked on charges of transporting an open container, possession of paraphernalia, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and driving under the influence.

Officer Cory Keele responded to Shawnee Terrace for a burglary on Nov. 8. Dispatch advised the house should be empty but the caller could see and hear people inside. A woman was standing outside as Keele walked up. The woman was staring ahead and mumbling. The woman told Keele not to look her in the eyes and tried to walk away, but the officer stopped her. He asked her for her last name and she laughed. Keele, a nationally certified drug recognition expert, believed the woman was under the influence. As he tried arresting her, she pulled away and yelled at him not to look her in the eyes. Officer Steven Smith arrived and assisted Keele in getting the woman handcuffed. Officers then checked the rest of the house and found it to be empty. Keele asked the woman several times for her name but she wouldn’t respond. The woman told officers her first name was Kailen, but gave them several different last names. She was booked under the name of Jane Doe and charged with public intoxicated, resisting arrest, and obstruction. Keele was informed several days later that the woman’s name is Kailen Wackerly.

On Nov. 23, Officer Bacon was checking the Senior Citizens Center when he noticed a fire in the woods. Ryan Goodnight was seen trying to put out the fire, but was unsuccessful. Bacon advised dispatch to send the fire department to his location to extinguish the blaze. Goodnight said he started the fire to keep warm because he was homeless. The fire department put out the fire and Goodnight was arrested for vagrancy.

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