A woman asked Tahlequah Police Department officers for help after a man stepped on her head during an altercation at Oak Hill Inn on April 7.

Officer Matt Frits was dispatched to the motel for a domestic disturbance in progress. When he arrived, the officer could see a man and woman appearing to organize the room as he knocked on the door several times. Just as Frits was about to contact the manager, the door opened and he saw Cody Cooksey in the doorway. Prior to this, Frits saw through a small window that trash and other items were on the floor, and watched as Cooksey placed a mattress back on its frame. Cooksey told the officer he and the woman were just hanging out, and the officer asked the man to step outside. After patting him down, Frits walked back into the motel room and closed the door to prevent Cooksey from overhearing the interaction between him and the woman. He could hear the woman whispering, “help me,” and asked what happened. The woman said Cooksey pushed her down and stomped on her head. Frits observed a knot near the woman’s right eye, and her ankle appeared to be swollen. Cooksey was arrested for domestic assault and battery, and Lt. Dexter Scott transported him to the Cherokee County Detention Center. Frits then returned to the room, where the woman said Cooksey accused her of stealing his money and credit cards, and that the pair were looking for his money and cards around the room. That’s when she said Cooksey lifted the mattress off of the bed frame and threw it on top of her, before pushing her head into the side of a shelf, knocking her down, and placing a foot on her head and applying pressure.

Officer William Robertson responded to a disturbance April 9 at My Place BBQ, where he located Russell Evans in the area matching the description of an intoxicated person. Robertson told the man someone called and said he was hitting vehicles, which he denied. While speaking with Evans, Robertson could smell an odor of an alcoholic beverage, and noticed Evans was unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech, and his eyes were bloodshot. After handcuffing the suspect, Robertson discovered what felt like a syringe in the man’s pocket, but it was not loaded and was disposed of in a sharps container at the Tahlequah City Jail, where Evans was booked for public intoxication.

On April 11, Officer Robert Jones observed a vehicle swerve around Benjamin James, who was standing in the south lane of Downing Street. Jones advised the man to step off of the road and into Larry’s Tire, where James told the officer he was just released from the hospital after being treated for alcohol dependency. The officer noticed James was unsteady on his feet and exuded an odor of alcohol. While patting James down, the officer found an open bottle of vodka in his pocket. He was arrested for public intoxication and transported to jail.

A man was seen staggering at the intersection of Park Avenue and Choctaw Street on April 12. Officer Jones said Richard Gleason had red, watery eyes and smelled of alcohol. Gleason told the officer he had just left Ned’s, but was walking from the area of Dewain’s Place. He was arrested for public intoxication and taken to the city jail.

Police were called to Walmart for a shoplifter April 10. When Officer Robertson arrived, he was advised the suspect had left and entered the Brew House Restaurant. There, he met Ashley Ishcomer, who said she had not been to Walmart. The manager then showed Robertson video surveillance of Ishcomer coming into the restaurant from Walmart, and a Walmart asset protection officer sent a picture of the suspect to police, who were able to identify the woman as Ishcomer. Before she fled to the Brew House, store employees stopped her after watching her tear the tag from a head band and place it on her head, and then selecting a purse wallet that she concealed. When she was stopped, she handed over two notebooks she concealed and fled to the restaurant. The merchandise stolen was worth $22.85. She was arrested for petit larceny and taken to jail.

Officer Robbie Bacon responded to Oak Park Motel for a woman who kept ringing the office doorbell and was not a guest on April 11. Bacon found Misha Solomon lying on her knees with her hand resting on her arms. The owner of the motel said the woman would not leave when asked. Bacon asked the woman to leave the property, but became uncooperative, as she would walk a few steps and ask if she was still on the property. Bacon arrested her for loitering and obstruction and took her to the city jail.

Kena McIntosh was seen shopping at Walmart on April 10, when she failed to scan all the items she had selected at the self-checkout register. She was approached by an employee, who recovered a basket of unpaid merchandise. The woman walked away with another basket that contained items she failed to pay for. McIntosh was seen leaving in a silver Hyundai and Officer Bacon conducted a traffic stop on Muskogee Avenue. She was escorted back to the store, where it was determined the woman had been trespassed from another Walmart in Texas for shoplifting. McIntosh was arrested for petit larceny and trespassing.

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