Officers arrested the same man twice in 24 hours after he wandered around the city, allegedly drunk on whiskey.

On April 13, Tahlequah Police Officer Bronson McNiel was dispatched to North Street for a prowler. Dispatch said Jory Poafpybitty was looking into windows at an apartment complex. McNiel found Poafpybitty, who claimed he was looking for someone, but didn't know a name or where the person lived. A bottle of whiskey was nearby, and he admitted to drinking at least 15 shots. Poafpybitty was taken to jail for public intoxication. The next day, Sgt. Bryan Qualls was dispatched to the AT&T store on a report of a man asleep nearby. Poafpybitty was snoozing near the entrance. There was a near-empty bottle of whiskey lying between his legs. Poafpybitty was arrested for the second time in two days for public intox.

Sgt. Qualls was on patrol April 15 when he noticed a vehicle going 60 mph in a 45 mph zone. Qualls stopped the driver, Joshua Jumper, who had a warrant, and Qualls issued him a citation for the traffic violation. Jumper was arrested for the warrant and was escorted to Qualls' patrol unit. Jumper told the officer he had something on him that he didn't want to take to jail. The man admitted he had methamphetamine inside a folded dollar bill inside his sock. Jumper was booked for the warrant and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

On April 11, Sgt. Justin Leatherwood responded to Holiday Inn in regard to Jimmy Briggs Jr. trespassing. Leatherwood found an intoxicated Briggs, who admitted to using methamphetamine. An employee stated Briggs was banned from the business and he came inside asking for a job. Briggs was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked for public intoxication and trespassing after being forbidden.

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