Officers arrested a woman who has been charged several times in the past for drunken driving.

On July 22, Tahlequah Police Department Lt. Dexter Scott was dispatched to Goingsnake Street in regard to an intoxicated woman whose vehicle had two flat tires. Annette Hogner was in the driver's seat and appeared to be drunk. She refused to give the officer her keys and mumbled answers to his questions. Scott notified dispatch to send EMS to check on Hogner. While waiting for EMS, Scott had to assist Hogner, who was unsteady on her feet. EMS checked the woman's blood sugar and tests came back normal. A family member of Hogner's showed up and said she was recently arrested for drinking and driving after she wrecked her vehicle. Hogner was booked in jail on the charge of actual physical control of a motor vehicle.

Alvin Olvera was taken to the local jail after a domestic ensued while he was supposedly on methamphetamine. On July 27, Officer Bronson McNiel responded to Cedar Avenue on a report of a domestic violence complaint. Debra Olvera said her husband had been on a meth binge for several days. Debra claimed she was outside when Alvin confronted her and hit her with an object. She said he grabbed a pair of scissors and waved them in her face in a threatening manner. Debra said the two physically fought, and Alvin took off running after she punched at him. McNiel returned to patrol to look for Alvin. About 45 minutes later, someone called dispatchers to report a suspicious man loitering near the Shawnee Apartments. Alvin was located and admitted to officers that his wife had "kicked my ass." He was taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked for domestic assault and battery.

On July 21, Lt. Scott was dispatched to Bluff Avenue and Jo Street in regard to a man who appeared to be under the influence. The caller had given the man a ride to the area when he talked about someone getting killed. Robin Vann was found near the Tahlequah Fire Department and denied the vehicle ride or mentioning someone getting killed. Vann admitted to drinking alcohol but said it had been a few hours since his last one. Scott asked the man when he used meth last, and he said it had been four days earlier, but then changed his answer to five days ago. When Scott asked Vann to perform a field sobriety test, Vann turned around, put his hands behind his back, and told the officer to take him in. Vann was arrested for public drunk and taken to jail.

Jerry Gresham was taken to jail after he failed to pay for food at EZ Mart on July 15. Employees said Gresham selected a sandwich and a fountain drink. The man warmed up the sandwich in the microwave and began eating it in the store. An employee told Gresham he needed to pay for the food before warming it. He asked if he could pay for the items later and then claimed to be a diabetic and said they needed to cut him a break. Officer Michael Gray located Gresham in the parking lot and arrested him for petit larceny.

Officer McNiel was on patrol in the area of East Downing Street and Water Avenue on July 23. The police officer noticed a Lincoln car run a red light and initiated a traffic stop. The driver of the vehicle, Wade Ritchie, immediately exited the car and stood near the driver's side door. Ritchie's driver's license was suspended and he was taken to jail.

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