A man was arrested after he was seen by officers assaulting his granddaughter.

On July 29, Tahlequah Police Lt. Brandon Vick was on patrol on North Grand Avenue when he noticed a group of people standing in the parking lot of Scholars Inn. Vick said the group's demeanor suggested they were arguing and he pulled into the parking lot. At that time, Vick watched James Luster grab a young woman by her throat and push her toward a red car. Luster was immediately detained while Vick investigated. The group of people said they were trying to get a broken-down truck out of the parking lot, and they began to argue about whether the truck would fit on a trailer. Witnesses said Luster threw a punch at one of the men and the two began to fight. They were able to get the men separated, but other fights broke out between the other men. Luster said the rumble started because everyone was arguing about the truck, and one of the men started mouthing him. He claimed the man got too close to him so he punched him in the face. Luster said he was only trying to get his granddaughter out of his face when he grabbed her by her throat and pushed her. Luster was taken to jail and booked on charges of two counts of assault and battery.

Sgt. Jason Girdner responded to North Trimble Street on July 29 when he noticed a vehicle that matched a description given by dispatchers. Since the vehicle had a headlight out, Girdner made a traffic stop. Joshua Mouse said he didn't have a driver's license and dispatch confirmed he only had an identification card. Girdner asked Mouse if there were any weapons in the vehicle; Mouse said there wasn't but he could look. As Mouse was exiting the vehicle, Girdner noticed a medical marijuana container fall out of his pocket onto the seat. Mouse admitted he didn't have a medical marijuana card and Girdner found what appeared to be methamphetamine in the container. During a search of the vehicle, Girdner found a black fanny pack behind the driver's seat. Inside was a set of digital scales that had a dusting of white crystal on it. Mouse was taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center and booked for possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute, driving without a license, and defective equipment.

On July 28, Officer Matt Frits was called to Walmart on a report of a man beating on the store's side doors. Employees said the man was wearing an orange shirt and took off walking along the front of the store. Frits located Larry Stephens near the automotive side of the store. Stephens was unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol. He was taken to jail for public intoxication without incident.

Troy Ragland was taken to jail after he refused to leave a house on July 29. Lt. Vick responded to a house on Water Avenue in regard to an intoxicated Ragland who wouldn't leave. The homeowner said Ragland came to the house and began drinking. She said he drank too much and she told him to leave, but he would not. Vick asked Ragland if there was someone he could call for a ride, and Ragland said he wasn't going anywhere. Ragland was arrested and taken to jail for public intoxication.

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