A Muskogee man was taken to the hospital after a DUI crash.

On July 22, Tahlequah Police Officer Thomas Donnell was dispatched to a vehicle crash at Speckled Hen. An unoccupied black Ford F-150 was found crashed into a billboard sign north of the store. Donnell said there was blood outside the driver's side door, on the passenger door, and on the passenger seat. Dispatch advised the driver was transported to W.W. Hastings Hospital due to his injuries. Donnell went to the hospital, where he made contact with Phillip Barnoski. The officer said it was obvious the driver was intoxicated. Barnoski told hospital staff he had been drinking all night and he wanted to go home. Donnell asked Barnoski if he had been drinking, and he said he had been since 8 p.m. Donnell explained to Barnoski that he wasn't going to arrest him at the time due to his injuries, but he would file charges through the District Attorney's Office and file for a warrant based on the investigation.

Lt. Dexter Scott responded to Lee Avenue and Fox Street on July 27. Dispatch advised that Kyra Smallen was walking down the road and she had felony warrants. Scott located the suspect and took her into custody. The officer noticed a plastic bag containing marijuana in Smallen's cigarette pack. Smallen was taken to the detention center and booked on charges of possession of marijuana and the warrants.

On July 30, Officer Kyle Reed was dispatched to Walmart on a report of a shoplifter. Asset Protection employee Steven McDaniel said Samantha McClure selected several items and went to self-checkout, where she placed items directly into a sack. McClure scanned other items and couldn't get her card to work, so another customer paid for the scanned items. According to the police report, McClure was banned from all Walmart properties on July 18. She was taken to jail for petit larceny and trespassing after being forbidden.

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