Tahlequah police officers took custody of an alleged shoplifter Tuesday morning.

Police were called to Walmart when Jackie Fleming was accused of taking the bar codes off of two items that cost less than $1, and placing them onto two turkey calls that were valued at more than $40.

Police arrested Milton J. Cope Jr., 50, of Tulsa, for driving under the influence of alcohol and failure to maintain security verification early Wednesday.

Billy D. Anson, 25, of Tahlequah, was picked up for a warrant Tuesday.

Antonio D. Chavez, 19, of Tahlequah, was also arrested for a warrant this week.

Officers arrested Stephen D. Copeland, 22, of Colcord, Tuesday afternoon for an outstanding warrant.

Warrants also led to the arrest of Refugio C. Martinez, 54, of Tahlequah, on Tuesday.

Police arrested Edgar U. Villalobos, 32, of Tahlequah, for driving without a valid license Tuesday evening.

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