A man was arrested after he admitted to taking one of his stepfather's pills.

On Aug. 8, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Justin Gifford was called to a report of someone veering all over the road near Keys. Gifford pulled up behind the vehicle that matched the description and watched as the driver swerved and drove below the speed limit. He pulled the car over and asked Jesse Fairfield if he had taken anything. The man said no, but then admitted to taking a pill after deputies said they were going to perform a field sobriety test. Gifford and Deputy Zach Adams found drug paraphernalia, a metal spoon with burnt residue, and multiple syringes throughout the vehicle. Fairfield was transported to the detention center.

On Aug. 8, Deputy Anthony Bowling was dispatched to the State Highway 51 Bridge on a report of a man rolling around in the grass. Roy Matthew Larson was sitting next to a deer carcass and told Bowling the gangs in Tahlequah were going to kill him. He showed signs of being under the influence of narcotics and was arrested for public intoxication.

Deputy Bowling was called to Rice Road and Woodard Road on a report of an intoxicated man on Aug. 8. Gordon Jones said he was trying "trying to get some damn ice cream" and couldn't stand when deputies asked him to do so. He was arrested for public intoxication.

Mindy Adair Jackson was arrested for burglary after she tried to push through the front door of a house. As Deputy Bowling arrived at the residence, Jackson took off running into a field and was found lying in tall grass. She complained of stomach, head and back pain, and EMS was notified to check her out. She was taken to the detention center for booking.

On Aug. 8, Investigator R. Berry took a theft report from Kallie Morgan after she noticed her car tag was stolen. She uses the car to travel all over the country and wasn't sure how long it was gone.