A man was almost hit by vehicles as he walked across Downing Street, and witnesses suspected he was drunk.

On July 5, Cherokee County Deputy Sheriff Andrew Dreadfulwater watched Allen Wayne James walk from Love's Country Store and across the street, where he was unsteady on his feet and almost hit by traffic. Dreadfulwater asked James several times for his name and if he was OK. James was arrested with no incident.

Deputy Nick Chute was dispatched to South Park Hill Road and East Byrd Street for a call of a man lying in a ditch. On July 2, Robert James Still was drinking "quite a bit" of alcohol and kept falling in the ditch. EMS medically cleared Still and Chute arrested and transported him to the detention center.

Log Store Manager Chris Hudson told Deputy Ryan Robison that a man stole two 24-ounce beers on July 5. A red-headed man walked into the beer cooler, took the beers and said he needed to go get his wallet. He drove off in a maroon Silverado on U.S. Highway 62.

On June 27, Gary Markcum reported to Deputy Ryan Bridges that his truck had been vandalized. Deputies could see two bullet holes in the side of the truck.

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