An area man evidently put himself, deputies, and officers in danger when he tried to escape service of a warrant.

On Feb. 18, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Jimmy Tannehill was on patrol in the area of Muskogee Avenue and Ballentine Road when he noticed a red car make a right turn without signalling. When he initiated a traffic stop, the vehicle sped up and made a left turn without signalling. The driver continued to evade the deputy and violated several traffic laws. Tannehill said the driver, Darian Daniels, tried to cause him to run into the back of the red car by slamming on the brakes. As they turned onto East Downing Street, Tahlequah Police officers joined the chase. Daniels slammed on the brakes again and Tannehill swerved to avoid him. The suspect missed hitting a TPD vehicle and another deputy as they turned onto Allen Road. Daniels and officers sped onto State Highway 82 and turned onto S.H. 51 at 80 mph. Daniels continued to brake to force deputies and officers to crash. Eventually, all power to the suspect's vehicle was cut and it was stopped on Willis Road. Tannehill said Daniels didn't listen to their commands, and tried crawling in the passenger seat. While Daniels was transported to jail, he tried to destroy paraphernalia and a baggie with white crystal substance inside.

Cooper Day was arrested after he told deputies he stole a truck and two horse trailers Feb. 16. Deputy Pete Broderick was following up on a call dispatch received to locate a missing trailer. A man said Day told him he took the trailers, and the truck he stole was at Walmart the previous night. Broderick went to Day's residence and noticed three trailers on the property. Day said he had just purchased the trailers from a friend. The deputy noticed two of the trailers had wet paint on them; Day said he wanted them to match his Suburban. Day's wife said she wasn't aware her husband bought the trailers and asked to speak with him. A short time later, Day admitted to stealing the truck and trailers. He said he knew deputies would be coming to his house after they found the truck at Walmart, which is why he painted the trailers. Day was taken to jail and booked for the theft. Broderick said if there are more people who have had their trailers stolen, they should call the sheriff's office.

On Feb. 21, Deputy Justin Gifford was called to a physical disturbance on North 545 Road and assisted by Deputy Andrew Dreadfulwater. The caller said her neighbors were fighting, and she maced one of them when they became aggressive. The caller said Jackie Ryals and two others left the house and went next door to a camper. As the deputies got close to the camper, they could hear movement inside. They announced themselves and no one answered. Dreadfulwater pushed the door open and could see a man on the couch near the entrance. Gifford could hear people moving around in the back bedroom and approached a closet door that was blocking part of the hallway. As he tried to move it, he noticed a man trying to hold it shut. Gifford entered and found Ryals and another man lying on the bed. All individuals were detained as deputies investigated the incident. Gifford recovered a loaded pistol and a shotgun on the bed. Ryals is a convicted felon and was arrested for being in possession of a firearm. The two individuals involved in the domestic had already left the area before deputies arrived.

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