A local man was arrested after he was found passed out with heroin in his hand.

On Nov. 7, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Andrew Dreadfulwater was on patrol when he noticed a vehicle parked at a residence known for narcotics and stolen property. He said the driver's side door was open and he could see a person sitting in the driver's seat. When he approached, he could see Ricky Degase slumped over the steering wheel. The deputy then noticed what looked like a black light bulb, which is commonly used to smoke narcotics. Degase eventually awoke and said he was just tired. Dreadfulwater asked if that was a light bulb in the floorboard, and the man reached down to pick it up. Dreadfulwater said he could see a clear plastic container that contained a black or brown tar. The deputy detained Degase, and after a further search of the vehicle, deputies found 20 small, clear baggies that hadn't been used, and determined the light bulb was not a light bulb or drug paraphernalia. A field test of the black tar came back as positive for heroin. Degas was taken to the detention center and booked.

Alecia Vincent said she and her husband noticed their Heritage Long Rifle .22-caliber revolver was missing from their home Nov. 6. She told deputies they don't handle firearms on a regular basis and she wasn't sure when it went missing. She said the gun was last used at a firing range a few months ago.

On Nov. 1, Deputy Kaitlin Rafalko was dispatched to a residence in regard to a stolen vehicle report. Lisa Pritchett said her 2008 Acura TSX was taken from Speedy's Convenience store the previous night. She said she allowed her cousin, Traci Sawney, to give an Adair County man a ride. Sawney stopped at the store to get gas, and left the vehicle running with the man sitting inside the vehicle. When she came back outside, the vehicle and the man were gone. Rafalko planned to request video surveillance and notified Adair County Sheriff's Office of the incident.

Laura Hodge reported a man stole a truck from her dad's house Nov. 6. She said the black and white 1996 Chevy service truck had two toolboxes and an air compressor in the bed. She said there were Hodge Construction stickers on both doors.

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