A local man was arrested after Cherokee County Sheriff's Office deputies found drugs while they questioned him about not returning a vehicle.

Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Tanner Hendley reported that he was dispatched to McDonald's on report of an unauthorized use of motor vehicle Jan. 15. Phillip Tiez met with the deputy and said Daniel Bullett had taken his car and refused to return it. Tiez said he was trying to get the man to return the vehicle, and if he didn't, he would file charges. A short time later, Tiez called Hendley and said the vehicle was to be dropped off at Oklahoma Station. He took the man to the store and there was no vehicle. Tiez said he wanted to file charges on Bullett and informed the deputy of another potential place the vehicle could be found. Deputies Pete Broderick and Curtis Elkins went to that location and conducted a traffic stop on Bullett. The suspect told deputies Tiez was going to give him a ride a few days earlier, but the man had Bullett drop him off and said he would get his vehicle the next day. He said the two had an agreement regarding gasoline money and the plan was to leave the vehicle at Oklahoma Station. Bullett said he was on his way to the station when deputies pulled up. Broderick asked Bullett if there was anything in the vehicle that belonged to him, and he said there was a black bag. The deputy searched the bag and found methamphetamine, marijuana, a glass pipe, and a scale. Bullett was taken to the detention center and booked for possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of paraphernalia, and possession of marijuana.

On Jan. 15, Deputy Kaitlin Rafalko was called to Talking Leaves Job Corps in regard to an assault and battery report. She looked at video surveillance that showed an altercation between Royonna Ferguson and Wade Bentley. Bentley said that the two were apparently arguing back and fourth, and he pushed Ferguson against a door. Bentley was arrested and taken to jail for domestic assault and battery.

Delfino Andrade met with Sheriff's Deputy Bob Lewandowski about a vandalism Jan. 15. He said he rented a trailer to a woman, but he had to evict her. When he returned to the trailer a few days later, a rock had been thrown through a window. Andrade said he doesn't have any evidence that the woman was responsible, just a suspicion.

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