A man was stung by a scam after he sent someone a money order for a gun listed on social media.

Phillip McClure wanted to press charges against a man who stole a $430 money order. He met the man on social media on an Oklahoma "guns for sale" page. The man had a Century Arms L1A1 .308 rifle for sale, and McClure agreed to purchase it. He mailed the money order, then could not make contact with the man again.

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Austin Cluck was dispatched to a house on Jones Avenue to take a report of vandalism. On June 26, Gwendolyn Proctor said someone kicked out a front window to her deceased father's house. While she and Cluck walked through the residence, they noticed several glass items were broken.

On July 7, two brothers got into an altercation and both left marks on each other. One brother told Deputy Nick Chute he wanted to press charges. The other brother told Deputy Anthony Bowling and Deputy Bruce Lair that he wanted to press charges as well. Later, both men chose to drop the charges.

Jerry Ross filed a vandalism report on July 5. He said he parked his camper at Riverside Park and left for a few hours. When he returned, one of the windows on the camper had been shot by what looked like a BB pellet.

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