Two men shot at a stolen truck after one was purportedly struck intentionally.

Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Zach Adams was called to 1440 N. 435 Road by Michael Justin Rice. He said the garage motion alert camera was set off, so he took a look at the live feed. The camera caught someone in the garage, and Rice called his brother, Nathan James Rice, over to help. The men noticed a truck driving past the residence, and when they attempted to check it out, Nathan was struck on the side of the road. Both men then shot at the vehicle and were able to get a tag number.

Deputy Sheriff Ryan Robison took a report from a woman who said her boyfriend assaulted her. On June 9, the woman confronted the man about suspicious text messages between him and another woman. She became angry and threw his phone, hitting him. He then struck her on the side of her face.

On June 10, Maria Orr reported that her two dogs were missing. She believes a former neighbor is responsible because the dogs went missing after they moved out.

A woman said two of her adopted sons ran away after an argument got physical.

Deputy Andrew Dreadfulwater took a report from a woman who said her boyfriend assaulted her and left with their child. The woman said she and her boyfriend were arguing June 8 when he threatened to kill her. She ran outside and call 911. There was no custody order and the man left with their child.

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