A man claimed he got cuts on his hands because he was a "Muay Thai Fighter," rather than being involved in a motor vehicle crash.

On Nov. 3, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Dreadfulwater was dispatched to the site of a crash with damage, from which the driver had fled the scene. The deputy said the tag came back to Tyler Maruca and provided a physical address. Neighbors said they heard the truck revving the engine and it was traveling at a high rate of speed. They heard a loud noise of impact and saw the driver get into a white Jeep Wrangler and leave. Dreadfulwater went to the address of Maruca and knocked on the door several times, but there was no answer. He called local hospitals to ask if Maruca had come in, and he hadn’t. Around 6 a.m., Maruca called the sheriff’s office to report his vehicle had been stolen. He said he had been hunting all night with his friend and when he came home, his vehicle was gone. Dreadfulwater said the man acted nervous and deceptive. He asked him what kind of vehicle his friend drives, and he said it was a white Jeep. The deputy told him witnesses saw him get into the Jeep and leave the scene, and informed him it was a crime to falsely report a vehicle stolen. Dreadfulwater asked the man how he got the fresh cuts on his hands, and he said he was a Muay Thai Fighter. Maruca said he wanted to talk with his lawyer and was handcuffed. The man had a fresh cut on his head and glass particles in the hood of his jacket. The deputy said the injuries and glass were consistent with the man's being in the vehicle at the time of the crash. Maruca was taken to the detention center and booked.

Deputy Dreadfulwater was called Oct. 4 to residence on State Highway 10 on a report of a harassment. Randy Ackerman Sr. said a woman was constantly harassing him by phone, and called the police to do a welfare check on his children. He said the woman accused him of being intoxicated and that the children were in danger. Dreadfulwater said the man showed no signs of being intoxicated. Ackerman said he would fill out a statement and turn it in later.

Brian and Jakki Powers reported they awoke Nov. 1 to the sound of glass breaking. The wife said the front window and the front door had been broken and she saw a woman she knows running back to her vehicle and leaving. She said the woman was mad at her because she didn’t stick up for her during an altercation with another person. Deputy Ryan Robison was unable to contact the woman.

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