A local man was arrested after deputies saw him make strange decisions at a gas station.

On Nov. 26, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Curtis Elkins responded to a report of a verbal domestic on Green Shaw Circle. After clearing from that call, he headed toward the Log Store and found the vehicle that matched the description from the verbal domestic. Dispatch confirmed it was the same vehicle. The information given to Elkins earlier was that Justin Tapia was possibly intoxicated and armed with a weapon. Elkins radioed Deputy Nick Chute to head toward the Log Store, too. Tapia left the store, walked around the store, got into his vehicle, and drove toward a field, where he got out and started walking. Elkins asked Tapia why he was walking in the field, and he said he was using the bathroom. Deputies told Tapia to pull his pants up, and they put him in handcuffs. After they determined the man was intoxicated, they took him to the detention center, where he was booked.

A woman came to the sheriff's office to file charges against her husband for domestic abuse. On Nov. 25, Deputy Ryan Robison spoke to the woman, who said her husband beat her when they were on their way to a storage unit. She said he hit her in the back of the head as she drove, so she pulled over and told him to get out of the car. When she got home, he showed up, got into the car, and took her purse and bag. When she tried to grab the purse, he punched her in the mouth. She said when she fell to the ground, he kicked her a few times and began walking down the road.

On Nov. 25, Deputy Curtis Elkins was dispatched to a crash scene where the vehicle ended up in a creek. He noticed the driver's side door was open and checked to see if anyone was in the wrecked truck. He said no one was in or around the vehicle, but he noticed a firearm stuffed behind the front seat. He notified dispatch and had them check to see if the gun was stolen. They said it was reported stolen by Ira Shayne Warren in September, and the Tahlequah Police Department took the report of Warren's truck being stolen. Dispatch asked TPD for the initial report and the vehicle was towed.

On Nov. 15, an employee for Pepsi Beverage Co. reported that while he was delivering products to Dollar General in Cookson, a woman took a case of Gatorade and a case of Mountain Dew. The man said the woman took $75 worth of products.

Deputy Robison was dispatched to South 552 Road on a report of a an abandoned vehicle Nov. 24. Steve Bollock said he was hunting near his property when he came across a burned Chevrolet truck. The deputy checked out the vehicle and said it was completely burned out, and the VIN number and license tag were not visible. He said the truck did match the description of a vehicle that was stolen out of Tahlequah.

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