Three people were arrested after they got into a fight at a Hulbert football game.

On Nov. 8. Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Tanner Hendley, who is also a School Resource Officer, was at the game when Hulbert Police Chief Casey Rowe told him of a fight in progress. Hendley escorted Travis Morrow away while Rowe took Colton and Jeffrey Hardison from the scene. Morrow said his daughter was being bullied by a family member of Hardison's, and he told her to "knock that shit off." Morrow thought the issue was taken care of until he was "sucker-punched" by one of the men. According to the brothers, Morrow had threatened their relative and they confronted him. Jeffrey said Morrow got in his face and they fought. All three men were arrested for assault and battery and taken to the detention center. No one wanted to press charges and all family members and students involved were asked to leave the game.

On Nov. 13, Deputy Andrew Dreadfulwater was dispatched to 17530 Highway 80 for a burglary alarm. Dispatch told him the front-door burglary alarm tripped and they were trying to reach the key holder, Christie Landsof. When the deputy got to the house, there was a Chevy Silverado backed up to the garage door. When Dreadfulwater walked to the front, a man opened the door and came outside. The man was irritated as soon as Dreadfulwater started talking to him and he refused to give his name. He told Dreadfulwater he needed to respect his elders and kept calling him "little boy" and "kid." The man got into the truck and gave him a driver's license with the name Christopher Gurschke. He said Landsof was the owner of the house and she was out of town. Dispatch called her several times, but was unable to reach her. Dreadfulwater told the man to have a good night and walked back to his patrol unit. But Gurschke turned on his headlights and started yelling at the deputy. Dreadfulwater told him he needed to stop yelling and to go back inside, but he refused. Gurschke refused to put his hands behind his back. He was arrested for public intoxication and remained uncooperative. As he was taken to the detention center, he told the deputy several times that he would catch him "one-on-one."

A woman came to the sheriff's office Nov. 8 to file a report regarding threats and stalking. She said she was being stalked by her companion and that she was physically, verbally, and emotionally abused. According to the report, she said the man kicked in her door multiple times, broke windows, and knocked out replacement windows. She also caught him on a ladder, looking into her house. Deputy Ryan Robison asked if she wanted to file charges, but she said that would only make things worse. She said she wanted a report on file in case anything were to happen to her. Robison advised her to get a protective order.

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