Deputies recovered a stolen vehicle that was involved in a "strong-arm robbery."

On Aug. 10, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Zach Adams was on patrol on South Woodall Drive when he noticed a truck parked over a curb. A man was standing near the vehicle and started walking away as Adams approached. He told Dustin Decker to stop and come back, but the suspect ignored him and continued into the house. While Adams knocked on the front door, he heard the back door open and something moving in the bushes. Adams found Decker in the bushes and they returned to the truck. The vehicle came back stolen out of Tulsa and Decker was arrested.

Sammy Beaver was arrested for a number of charges after he gave deputies a false name and brought drugs into the jail. On Aug. 11, Deputy Ryan Robison and Anthony Bowling were called to 19362 E. Murrell Road for a trespassing report. The homeowner said she wanted the man removed from her residence and that he was in the bedroom. When deputies awoke Beaver, he immediately tried leaving but was stopped. He said his name was Sam Holmes and he was detained for officer safety. Deputy Robison found a pipe and a red straw that had a white substance on it. While at the detention center, officers could not find any information on the name given to them. They searched and found his correct information. While Beaver was being changed out into a detention center uniform, officers found a baggie of drugs in his pocket. He was booked for false impersonation, possession of controlled dangerous substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and contraband inside a penal institute.

On Aug. 11, Deputy Adams was looking for the driver of a gold Saturn who was involved in a verbal domestic. The caller said her husband was drunk and he was driving that car. Adams spotted the gold car on South Muskogee Avenue and turned on his emergency lights for a traffic stop. The driver, Robert Still, continued to drive until the deputy activated his sirens. Still said he didn't stop because he had never been pulled over on the highway before and he was looking for a safe place to stop. Adams asked him if he was drinking that day, and he allegedly admitted he had three beers prior. After failing a field sobriety test, Still was arrested and taken to the detention center.