A woman accused her ex-boyfriend of drinking and driving with their daughter in the car.

On Nov. 24, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Lt. John Berry was dispatched to College Avenue on a report of a domestic incident. The woman said she went to pick up her daughter from her ex-boyfriend, and he assaulted her. She said he was buckling the girl into the vehicle when he became angry because the mother asked if he had been drinking after he drove the child from a relative’s house. He allegedly grabbed her hand and said he would break it. She said he got into the car and threw her purse outside. She was able to find her phone and ran back to the car and drove off.

Amanda Abel filed a report after she noticed her belongings came up missing from her vehicle Nov. 25. She said her jacket was gone, and a couple of days later, she found it in the road a few blocks from her house. Abel said her son’s backpack, which contained books and house keys, was also missing from the vehicle. She installed surveillance cameras in and around her property and changed the door locks.

On Nov. 26, Maggie Loftin reported a man was harassing her through text messages. She said he also contacted her through Instagram and Facebook and he has shown up uninvited at her house. Loftin said she blocked his number and social media accounts, but he had his friends contact her.

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