A woman told deputies she wasn't going to jail and hurled an expletive at them as they tried to arrest her.

On Jan. 11, Cherokee County Sheriff's Deputy Pete Broderick went to Garden Walk Apartments to serve a warrant to Claudio Estridge. He was met at the door by Estridge, who tried to run from the deputy. Broderick grabbed the man's jacket, and during an ensuing struggle, Mickayla Ketcher tried to block authorities from arresting Estridge. Broderick said they told the woman to back off several times, but she continued to interfere. When Broderick told her she was going to be arrested for harboring a fugitive, she told him she wasn't going to go to jail and said he could "f**k off." As Deputy Nick Chute was placing handcuffs on Ketcher, she pulled away and tried to walk off. She told Broderick she was aware Estridge had warrants but she still allowed him to stay with her.

On Jan. 9, Deputy Pete Broderick was dispatched to Stick Ross Mountain Circle on a report of a physical domestic incident. The victim said she was awakened abruptly by Adrien Zorrilla, who was yelling at her about a video he saw on her phone. She said he started to leave and take her phone with him. When the victim tried to prevent him from leaving, he allegedly shoved her and she smacked him on his arm. She said he grabbed her by her throat and slammed her to the ground. She said she tried to get up and he threw her back on the floor. When she told him she was going to call the police, he let her go and went to his vehicle. The man was leaving the residence when deputies arrived, and they arrested him. He gave a similar story about what happened and was taken to the detention center for domestic violence.

On Jan. 9, Deputy Kaitlin Rafalko was dispatched to a residence on S.H. 82 on a report of a domestic disturbance. Dispatchers said two children were present during the altercation. A woman said her son's girlfriend tried to hit her, but her son stepped in and he was hit instead. Rafalko detained the suspect as she gathered more information from the victims. They said the woman was on medication and the doctor increased her dosage a day earlier. She became angry at the deputy during the investigation and was put into the patrol unit, where she kicked the vehicle windows. The children at the residence were not injured, and the woman was taken to jail for domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor.

Deputy Kim Novak was called out to a residence on S.H 62 where Teresa Smallen said her daughter broke out a window Jan. 10. She said Kyra Smallen broke the window after she told her to leave her trailer. Deputies searched the area and couldn't find the woman. They were called back to the residence after Smallen showed up and was beating on the trailer. She was arrested

Tanner Sheets reported his pistol was missing from his glove box Jan. 10. He said his vehicle was unlocked and it looked like items were moved around. Sheets eventually found the gun.

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