A woman said her mother’s car was stolen as she went inside while it was warming up.

Sgt. Jarrod Rye was called to South 511 Road on a stolen vehicle report Jan. 14. Ashleigh Teague said her car had been taken. She said she started her car to warm it up before she drove her children to school. She removed he keys from the car, but left it running in the parking lot. She went back out to the where the car was 20 minutes later, and it was gone. The car is described as a red 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier that is missing the front bumper and a dent in the hood. Teague said the car was almost out of gasoline and the keys aren’t with it.

On Jan. 8, Deputy Austin Cluck took a report from a woman who said her ex-boyfriend harassed and threatened her. The man was in jail and called her several times. When she told him to stop, he refused to do so. The victim said she found a letter addressed to her, and her ex threatened her and her children. Cluck took the report and advised the woman where she could obtain a protective order.

On Jan. 7, Deputy Kaitlin Rafalko was dispatched to Dollar General on State Highway 51 in regard to two women who stole beer. The store employee identified one of the woman because she knew her, but didn’t know who the other woman was. She said the women went behind the building toward houses.

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