Authorities recovered a stolen vehicle out of Tulsa after it had been crashed.

On Oct. 16, Cherokee County Sheriff Sgt. Jarrod Rye noticed a Jeep on East Steely Hollow Road with a defective tail light. The vehicle took off at a high rate of speed and Rye lost visual contact. He traveled farther down the road and found the crashed Jeep in a ditch. The vehicle was still running, but was caught by a tree in the fence line. Rye turned the vehicle off and ran the tag information, which came back to a 1998 Chevrolet truck. Rye went to get the Jeep VIN number when he heard a sound coming from a wooded area nearby. He shined his flashlight and saw a pair of white shoes sticking out of the tall grass. Rye told the person to show his hands, at which point Albert Barnes stood up and walked to the sergeant with his hands in the air. Deputy Jimmy Tannehill placed Barnes in the back of his patrol unit. Rye ran the VIN number of the Jeep, and it came back stolen from Tulsa since April. The Tulsa Police Department confirmed the vehicle was stolen and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol was notified. Barnes was taken to jail on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle.

A woman blamed her ex for starting a fire next to her house after telling him about a pending protective order. On Oct. 15, Deputy Tanner Hendley responded to Jones Road to help the Tahlequah Fire Department. Dispatch advised the caller said she believed her ex had started the fire. The woman said she told her ex she had a pending protective order against him. She said her children were outside, and they ran inside screaming that the field was on fire 24 minutes later. The woman said she drove toward the location where her ex usually parks and saw him driving on State Highway 82. She said she pulled in behind the vehicle and confirmed he was behind the wheel. Deputy Rick Ward obtained a statement from the man, who said he took saddles to a friend’s house in Peggs, and then returned home. The man said his ex always blames things on him.

Deputy Robert Stephens was dispatched to Hearth and Pool for a burglary on Oct. 14. Stephens said the glass was busted out of the front door and the owner, Mark Sweeney, filled out a witness statement. Items stolen or damaged included a cash register, a computer, the glass door, and over $400 in cash.

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