A man made an alarming comment to his wife before she ran outside and yelled that he had gun.

On March 28, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Ward was dispatched to Fort Gibson for a civil disturbance. Hollie Neighbors said her husband, Joshua Neighbors, had been drinking and was out of control. As Ward was speaking with her, he noticed a naked man standing on the porch of the house. The woman said the man was her husband, and that he got undressed after she told him deputies were on their way. Joshua came back outside wearing underpants when Capt. Derrick Grant and Deputy Amanda Pritchett arrived. Hollie said her husband hadn’t been physical with her, but that he knocked his mother to the ground. Hollie asked if it was OK for her to get the keys to all the vehicles, gather some personal items, and leave the residence for the night. Ward agreed was a good idea and let the woman get her things. Ward was explaining the situation to Grant and Pritchett when he heard someone say, “Someone is going to die tonight, either me or them.” Ward then heard the sound of a weapon as Hollie yelled, “He’s got a gun!” Ward, Pritchett, and Grant took a position on the porch as they drew their weapons. Joshua left the house with his hands over his head and began walking toward the deputies. Ward stepped out from behind a pillar and told the suspect to get on the ground, but he continued toward them. Grant continued to cover Ward as he approached the man and took him to the ground. Ward searched the area and found a loaded gun in recliner close to where Joshua was standing before he left the house. The gun had a full magazine with a round in the chamber. Neighbors was transported to jail and booked.

Deputy Ward was on patrol March 27 when he noticed a vehicle that matched the description of one involved in several burglaries. Ward conducted a traffic stop on Jacob Bryan Scott Lynn. The deputy informed Lynn the vehicle matched the description of one involved with a recent burglary. Lynn asked Ward if his mother could take possession of the vehicle. He said there was nothing that could be done to help him, and that he would be going to prison. Lynn said he was the only one who drove the vehicle. He was arrested for second-degree burglary and transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center. Ward asked Lynn several times if he had anything illegal on him before they went inside the jail, but Lynn claimed he didn’t. Jail officers found a baggie of methamphetamine on Lynn and another baggie of meth in one of his shoes.

On March 27, Deputy Pete Broderick was on patrol when he noticed a woman not wearing her self belt while driving. He conducted a traffic stop on Rebbell Watts, who said she didn’t have insurance. Broderick ran his K-9 partner, Crush, along the vehicle as he awaited the driver’s information. Crush alerted to the odor of narcotics on the driver’s side door. Broderick and Deputy McKinsey Fuson searched the vehicle and found a jewelry box containing 3.3 grams of methamphetamine. Watts was booked into jail for failure to comply with insurance and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

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