A man threatened to shoot a sergeant before he allegedly ran to get a gun.

On April 5, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Sgt. Richard Berry was at a house, serving an emergency custody order for two juveniles. Orville Lee Rotramel met Berry outside and told him he wasn’t going to take his kids. Rotramel began yelling at Berry and said he was going to get his gun and shoot him. Rotramel took off running toward the residence and slammed the door on Berry. The man started toward a bedroom where the guns were kept, but Berry took him to the ground. Rotramel was transported to the Cherokee County Detention Center for booking.

Deputy Caleb Rice responded to a report of a theft call at Moody Store on April 5. Dispatch advised the suspected vehicle was southbound on State Highway 82 and gave the deputy a description. Deputy Scott Wolff conducted a traffic stop on the driver and passenger. The passenger, Matthew Haughn, gave deputies his name and date of birth, and dispatch advised the man was wanted. Haughn admitted to have methamphetamine in his pocket. Deputies searched the man and found the meth, a smoking device, and marijuana seeds. Haughn was booked in to jail for possession of a controlled dangerous substance and the warrant.

On April 3, Deputy Robert Stephens was dispatched to 400 Road on a report of threats. Dispatch advised Michael Young said someone with a gun was on his property and threatened to shoot him. Young said his neighbor was there to get his dog, but refused to leave and threatened him with the weapon. Deputies went to the neighbor’s residence, and a woman there claimed she lived with the man. She said he wasn’t home and wouldn’t allow deputies to search for weapons inside the house.

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